Power BI August 2017 Update

Power BI Team has finally released the August 2017 update for Power BI Desktop and It came up with the balance of few essential features which was pending since the long time to fill the visualization customization gaps &  few new features to enhance the data modelling experience.

It’s good to have updates every month! but I think the development team should focus on making the formatting options more like the Excel/Word Formatting rather than scattering the multiple options in the formatting pane. I would also love to see those  options on the top ribbon instead of the side bar like what we have in the Query Editor.

With the growing formatting options in every new release, It would be better to implement this sooner than later & make the life of end users more smooth towards achieving the final results with less efforts & this is why we all love self service BI. Isn’t it?

So Now let’s get back to original content, What is covered in August 2017 release of the PBI Desktop.

Formatting Section

  1. Improved Experience of the Matrix Visual
      a. Show the measure values on the Row headers 
      b. Colored fonts for the values in Matrix & Table Visuals
      c.  Customized Subtotal Settings 
  2. Scatter Chart Rendering Performance Improvement
  3.  Line Chart Formatting Options

Custom visuals from the third parties

New Connectors for Google Big Query & GA of the Power BI Service Live Connection

Data modelling Options

I truly love this section of the updates! What is big in this section is the release of What..if parameters.

What.. if parameters can give the edge to Power BI Data modelling and we will cover this in depth within next few blog posts.

Here is the full video of all the updates for this August 2017, Enjoy.




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